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You can now pay your Koumbit bills with your online bank account

You can now pay your Koumbit bills through your online banking service (eg: AccèsD, CIBC, etc.). For this you must select "Reseau Koumbit" in the list of suppliers in the category "Telecommunications and IT" and add it to your list. Thereafter, you will need your invoice number or customer number based on the requirements of your bank. If you have any questions or problems, we will be happy to help you.

Semaine québécoise de l'informatique libre

Saturday, 19 September 2015 - 17 to Friday, 25 September 2015 - 21

Appel de participation : FACIL invite toute la communauté du libre à organiser des activités (rencontres, ateliers, hackathons, colloques, séminaires, conférences, tables rondes, manifestations, etc.) partout sur le territoire dans le cadre de la Semaine québécoise de l'informatique libre (SQIL), qui aura lieu cette année du 19 au 27 septembre 2015.

May 31: Stop Deportations! Status For All March!

As in previous years, Koumbit is proud to support the family-friendly demonstration Stop Deportations! Status for All!_

SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015

STOP DEPORTATIONS! STATUS FOR ALL! March for justice and dignity for all migrants and refugees
* 2pm: GATHERING / STARTING POINT métro St-Michel (north of Jean-Talon & St-Michel, south of Everett)
* 4pm: CONVERGENCE / PICNIC Parc Jarry (near St-Laurent & Villeray, métro de Castelnau)

More info www.solidarityacrossborders.org

Koumbit is looking for a sysadmin

Koumbit is looking for a new sysadmin to work 15 hours per week with a possibility of extending to 30 hours in september. The hourly rate is $21 per hour. Koumbit has been providing web, email, and server hosting in addition to web site consultation services since 2004. We maintain physical and virtual servers, hosting platforms, network infrastructure, and phone systems. Koumbit is based around openness and equality: workers are specialized in open source technology and are organized non-hierarchically.
Description of tasks

Koumbit et la grève sociale / Koumbit on Social Strike

Koumbit, suivant en cela ses propres règlements internes, ne travaille pas le 1er Mai, Journée internationale des travailleuses et travailleurs. Cette année, nous participerons à la grève sociale du 1er Mai en nous inscrivant dans ce large mouvement luttant contre l'austérité.

It is a regular policy at Koumbit that we do not work on May 1st, international workers' day. This year we declare our participation in the social strike on that day as part of the larger movement against austerity.

[N2 Montreal] Discussion sur l'accessibilit­é numérique: besoins généraux & jeux vidéo.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 - 17 to 19

De la page de l'événement,

Netsquared Montréal, tiens un 5 à 7 le mercredi 15 avril, sur le thème de l'accessibilité numérique aux personnes en situation d'exclusion sociale : des besoins généraux aux cas particuliers des jeux vidéo sans écran ou sans bouton.

Pour plus d'information, consultez la page suivante: http://www.meetup.com/net2mtl/events/221471455/

A look at the new federal copyright legislation

It sometimes falls to Koumbit's legal committee to review new laws that could affect our activities. Although we have no legal training, we do our best to decode these documents so that we can understand their potential impact on our work. Among other reasons, it's more cost-effective for us to pay our employees to do this work, rather than hiring a legal professional. With that in mind, what follows cannot be considered as official legal advice.



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