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Koumbit's Infrastructure team would like to inform you of a hardware upgrade that we have done on the main HAG server that handles all of your email.

Checking your email through Koumbit will now be faster! We also hope that this upgrade will help us provide a more stable service.

As in previous years, Koumbit is proud to support the family-friendly demonstration Stop Deportations! Status for All!_ SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015

STOP DEPORTATIONS! STATUS FOR ALL! March for justice and dignity for all migrants and refugees
* 2pm: GATHERING / STARTING POINT métro St-Michel (north of Jean-Talon & St-Michel, south of Everett)
* 4pm: CONVERGENCE / PICNIC Parc Jarry (near St-Laurent & Villeray, métro de Castelnau)

More info www.solidarityacrossborders.org


Koumbit, suivant en cela ses propres règlements internes, ne travaille pas le 1er Mai, Journée internationale des travailleuses et travailleurs. Cette année, nous participerons à la grève sociale du 1er Mai en nous inscrivant dans ce large mouvement luttant contre l'austérité.

It is a regular policy at Koumbit that we do not work on May 1st, international workers' day. This year we declare our participation in the social strike on that day as part of the larger movement against austerity.


It sometimes falls to Koumbit's legal committee to review new laws that could affect our activities. Although we have no legal training, we do our best to decode these documents so that we can understand their potential impact on our work. Among other reasons, it's more cost-effective for us to pay our employees to do this work, rather than hiring a legal professional. With that in mind, what follows cannot be considered as official legal advice.

Press release

A major upgrade of the AlternC control panel and associated servers took place on Sunday, June 15th. The upgrade went well, and most services resumed operations soon after. There were however some bugs for which we apologize. You will also apreciate some new features.


Vidéo réalisée par Communautique qui aborde les notions de perceptions, d'accès, d'infrastructure et de révolution, remixée à deux entrevues avec Antoine Beaupré du Réseau Libre Montréal et Alexis Kaufman de Framasoft.

On April 7, 2014 information was released about a new vulnerability in OpenSSL, the cryptography library that powers the vast majority of private communication across the Internet. This library is key for maintaining privacy between servers and clients, and confirming that Internet servers are who they say they are.


Koumbit is again part of the Tor privacy network. We provide this service to the public in response to the increasingly pervasive surveillance of everyone who uses the internet. We believe that there have been inexcusable attacks on democracy and basic rights to privacy.

L'équipe de Koumbit est heureuse de vous souhaiter un 2014 heureux et en santé.

Voici quelques faits saillants des 12 derniers mois pour ceux et celles qui apprécient un format plus bref que notre rapport annuel.


Yes, you've come to the right place - this really is Koumbit's website! After many years of loyal service, we've retired our old site. You may have noticed the gradual evolution of Koumbit's branding materials towards a more humanistic, playful aesthetic.

Technical article (Planet Drupal)

We've all figured out by now that the future of the web is for the sites we build to be accessible on as wide a variety of platforms as possible. The magic of responsive design means that one single web page can be viewed on a large range of devices


[French Only] - Il est difficile ces temps-ci d'ignorer les récentes nouvelles au sujet de la sécurité sur Internet. Ce merveilleux outil devenu si populaire et utile serait maintenant sous surveillance massive, digne des plus horribles romans de science-fiction. Mais que se passe-t-il donc sur le réseau des réseaux?

Technical article (Planet Drupal)

The Drupal community is abuzz with talk of BackdropCMS, a recent fork of Drupal. In case you missed it, Lullabot has a great interview with "founding forkers" Jen Lampton and Nate 'quicksketch' Haug.

Press release

Montreal, March 29, 2013 - Several journalists have recently contacted Koumbit concerning the website valjalbert.ca.

Technical article (Planet Drupal)

[Updated 27 January 2014]

The sysadmins here were doing some software upgrades the other day and asked me which versions of Tomcat and Apache Solr they should install on our shared Drupal hosting servers. The answer is a little complex, so I finally just drew them a diagram.

Technical article (Planet Drupal)

[Anglais uniquement] - The two most common powerful editors for Unix, emacs and vim, both include the ability to reference a list of PHP function names so that you can jump to their definition while editing. You'll have to build the file yourself first, though, using ctags.

Les groupes sur gitlab.com et github.com servent comme point de présence à Koumbit sur cet outil non-libre. Koumbit s'oppose généralement à toute utilisation de logiciel non-libre, mais nous maintenons ceux-ci afin de collaborer de plus près avec certain-e-s de nos upstreams.

Technical article (Planet Drupal)

[French Only] - Voici en rafale quelques notions, modules et pratiques que j'aimerais partager suite à mon passage au DrupalCon Portland qui a eu lieu du 20 au 24 mai 2013. Cette année, ils ont mis un fort accent sur l'UX (expérience utilisateur) et le frontend. Beaucoup de keynotes étaient des experts en UX qui provenaient d'autres disciplines. Finalement, Drupal se met à la page!!


[French Only] Mes impressions à mon arrivée au DrupalCon Portland, qui a eu lieu du 20 au 24 mai 2013.


Got a little packet of Stone Cherry pole bean seeds with our name on it, and wondering why? We wanted to share one of our passions with you, and pique your curiousity in a different kind of social change!

The seeds are an organically raised heirloom variety of red beans that look like little cranberries.


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