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Ce projet vise à offrir aux membres de FACiL trois nouveaux Services FACiLes (Courriel FACiLe, Nuage FACiLe et Bureautique FACiLe) à compter de septembre 2020


Comme see us at WordCamp Montreal 2019, where we contribute two workshops!


Dear Users, Allies and Colleagues,

Koumbit will be closed this Wednesday, May 1st for International Workers Day, commonly known as May Day. Our emergency on-call services will continue to be available. We will be open again at our usual hours on Thursday, May 2nd.


Koumbit's office, including the telephone support line, will be closed on Friday, March 8, to highlight International Women's Day. As always, our on-call team will reply to any emergencies. The office will be open again on the Monday, March 11.


Koumbit has done the updates related to today's security warning coming from the security team at Drupal.

Drupal core - Highly critical - Remote Code Execution - SA-CORE-2019-003


A few weeks ago, a review of the 'Amplification' exhibition at Eastern Block appeared on the website of Canadian Art Magazine.


HTMlles, the biennal media arts and digital culture festival put together by our colleagues at Studio XX begins in a few weeks, starting November 1st! The 2018 edition includes a variety of activities and events throughout Montreal, including the "Code : Corps" digital art exhibition at articule, an artist-run centre, and the "Encrypt your nudes!" workshop at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse.


If you use WordPress and have recently updated to version 4.9.8, you most likely noticed an announcement on the main page of the Dashboard in regard to the upcoming launch of Gutenberg, the new content editor that will manage the appearance of posts and pages. With its block-based system, Gutenberg aims to make the creation of complex layouts simple and intuitive. You can take a look at this new system on the official WordPress website. (https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/)


Avec le laboratoire NT2, nous avons fait la présentation suivante au DrupalCamp Montréal 2018

Drupal 7 et Ember.js: l'exemple d'Opuscules.ca, une SPA ("Single Page App") multiplateforme



Public affairs

Following the Drupal project announcement last week that there will be a highly critical security patch disclosed, we want to draw your attention to this announcement and encourage you to apply this security patch as fast as possible after it is released on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 25th between 16h00 and 18h00 UTC (12h00 - 14h00 EDT)

Public affairs

Following the Drupal project announcement last week that there will be a highly critical security patch disclosed, we want to draw your attention to this announcement and encourage you to apply this security patch as fast as possible after it is released on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 28th around 2pm EDT.


En partenariat avec Labo NT2 et d'autres intervenants (voir la page de tous les participants), Koumbit a développé une application multi-plate-forme Ember.js alimentée par un système de services fournit par Drupal 7 qui sert de vitrine aux écrivains québécois membres de l'UNEQ (Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois).



Koumbit will be closed from December 23 to January 2. Happy Holidays to all!


Happy Birthday Aegir! Today the Aegir Project is turning 10. We want to thank all those who have contributed and continue to contribute to this project.


For those that manage their proper installations of Debian whether it be on dedicated servers, virtual servers, or on your own personal computers it's important to note that the long-term security support for Debian 7 (Wheezy) is coming to an end soon - the 31st of May, 2018. The following version, Debian Jessie, is already in "old-stable" but will have long-term security updates until sometime in 2020.


L'informatique libre expliquée est le titre d'une vidéo avec un membre de Koumbit et un membre de FACIL expliquant les bienfaits du logiciel libre lors d'une émission de Planète techno sur ICI Explora .



Composer is now widely used for dependency management in PHP projects - and many projects now require the use of composer. In this post we will cover how to use composer to get Drupal 8 and it's dependencies for a specific platform's PHP verison.


Because of two statutory holidays that happen one week apart, Koumbit's staff will be greatly reduced at the office.

Because of this our office will be closed on friday june 23rd and friday june 30th. This also implies that technical support will get minimal attention during these two days.


Ce vendredi, un groupe d'utilisateurs Debian, développeurs et amateurs se sont rencontrés aux bureaux de Koumbit pour une journée de réglage de bugs (bug squashing party ou BSP). Nous étions environs une douzaine de personnes de niveaux différents.

Une présentation sur les bases de la création et gestion de packets d'application Debian a été donnée par Antoine Beaupré, ce qui a permis à plusieurs d'approfondir leurs connaissances.


Join us in Montreal, on April 14 2017, and we will find a way in which you can help Debian with your current set of skills! You might even learn one or two things in passing (but you don't have to).

Debian is a free operating system for your computer. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run. Debian comes with dozens of thousands of packages, precompiled software bundled up for easy installation on your machine. A number of other operating systems, such as Ubuntu and Tails, are based on Debian.


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