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The Aegir hosting system allows developers and site administrators to automate many of the common tasks associated with deploying and managing large websites. Aegir makes it easy to install, upgrade, deploy, and backup an entire network of Drupal sites.

Koumbit provides hosting of virtual servers with Aegir pre-installed and maintained by some of the leading developers of the Aegir Project. We have decades of experience with Drupal and deep technical knowledge extending down into the OS internals.

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Aegir VPS Services Monthly Quarterly Annually
Base AegirVPS $200/mth $540 ($180/mth) $2040 ($170/mth)
Additional (Aegir)VPS $150/mth $435 ($145/mth) $1680 ($140/mth)
Custom Drupal Platform Maintenance $150/mth $435 ($145/mth) $1680 ($140/mth)
Enhanced Support $200/mth $540 ($180/mth) $2040 ($170/mth)
Drupal Site Import
-- One-time fee, starting at $150 per site --
Additional Services Monthly Quarterly Annually
Extra VPS Hardware Resources $80/mth $210 ($70/mth) $720 ($60/mth)
Off-site Full Server Backup $50/mth $135 ($45/mth) $480 ($40/mth)
Varnish Cache $30/mth $75 ($25/mth) $240 ($20/mth)
Dedicated Varnish Cache VPS $150/mth $435 ($145/mth) $1680 ($140/mth)

Base AegirVPS

Our AegirVPS provides a full Xen-based dedicated virtual server with the Aegir hosting system pre-installed by the experts. Not only have we built-in enough hardware resources to ensure smooth running, we've also included slick performance enhancements and tried and true monitoring facilities. Add to that several Aegir contributed modules and regular updates to Koumbit's signature platform, and you'll see just how easy it can be to maintain your Drupal sites.

Additional (Aegir)VPS

When one server just isn't enough, Aegir supports clustering of web and database nodes. Multi-server site deployment and management allows for migrating sites between servers, including large sites spread across multiple web servers.

Custom Drupal Platform Maintenance

Keeping up with updates to core and contrib can be a challenge. Our dedicated team applies rigorous procedures to ensure your platform is always kept up-to-date, and thus secure.

Enhanced Support

We engineer Aegir to be robust and easy to use, but sometimes we all need a bit of help. Let's face it, the real cost of all the power and flexibility of any web hosting system such as Aegir, is complexity. Get the help and advice you need from the leading developers and engineers behind the Aegir hosting system.

Drupal Site Import

Importing Drupal sites into Aegir is pretty straight-forward... except when it's not. Our experienced team can help to ensure a smooth transition onto Aegir infrastructure.

Additional Services

Our AegirVPS should suffice in most cases, but sometimes that little extra goes a long way.

Extra VPS Hardware Resources

Whereas clustering allows you to scale out, additional resources allow you to scale up. Beef up your AegirVPS or ClusterNodeVPS to suit your traffic needs.

Off-site Full Server Backup

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Always recommended.

Dedicated Varnish Cache

Varnish is an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic web sites.

Dedicated Varnish Cache VPS

Varnish is an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic web sites. This is a VPS dedicated to that task.
1 All extra interventions will be charged $150/hour Terms are subject to change.

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