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For a non-profit or any other type of organization, enter the name of the organization.
The email address where we will send the information about your new Koumbit account. This email will receive the bills. This email has full authority to make decisions and to give the necessary authorizations.
A phone number where we can reach you (optional).
Choose a name for your virtual server. This name will serve as a default address for your virtual server. If you enter "virtualservername" for instance, the virtual server will initially be accessible at "virtualservername.koumbit.net".
N°, apt, street
These emails will receive the same messages and will have the same powers as the main administrative contact. Please give their names, emails and phone numbers (optional).
These persons are contacted in addition to the main administrative contacts for all questions related to billing. They receive the bills and the account statements. They have the authority to make decisions related to billing and payments. Please give their names, emails and phone numbers (optional).
These persons are contacted in addition to the main administrative contacts for all technical questions. These persons have the authority to take decision about access level and other technical responsibilities. Please give their names, emails and phone numbers (optional).
Choose a virtual server hosting plan. The Pico VPS hosting plan is adequate for most users.
Extra setup fees will be applied if you choose to pay per month instead of for the whole year.
Daily backup of the whole virtual server. This server can backup up to 50 Gb of data. If the backup restoration of the data has to be made by Koumbit, they are billed at the regular rate of 120$/h.
We can offer monitoring of certain services on your virtual server and make sure they are always working, and restart them if necessary. This requires that we have "root" access to the virtual server. For more details on monitoring: https://www.koumbit.org/en/services/SysAdmin
Ex.: Installation of a specific software, migration of content from an existing website to the virtual server, update management of specific services, etc. Note that to do these manipulations, we need a "root" access to your virtual server. There are some software we often deploy with our centralized Puppet configuration management system, like NextCloud, AlternC, MatterMost and SolR. Please note that Koumbit offers PaaS (Platform as a Service) web hosting, and not SaaS (Software as a Service). We limit ourselves in offering you what is essentially a Debian (Linux) virtual server, and we expect our clients to be autonomous. If necessary, we can install, configure/migrate/repair/update software. Koumbit cannot be responsible of the software installed on the virtual servers and only offers maintenance on demand.
Your virtual server will need a public SSH which we will install on the server. You will need it to connect to the server since password connection is deactivated by default. For the generation and usage of SSH keys, see: https://docs.gandi.net/en/web_hosting/connection/ssh_key.html
If you have other needs or information to send us, write them here.
If you want, you can send us your GPG key so we can communicate with you using encrypted emails. This key will be used to send your bills and for the technical questions, when necessary.

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