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Managed Drupal Hosting

All the power, none of the work

  • 1 Drupal site
  • SSL Certificate with Let's Encrypt
  • Bandwidth: 15 Gb / month
  • Storage: 5 Gb
  • Price: 280 $ / year
  • 2 Drupal sites
  • SSL Certificates with Let's Encrypt
  • Bandwidth: 15 Gb / month
  • Storage: 5 Gb / site
  • Price: $360 + taxes / year
  • 3 Drupal sites
  • SSL Certificates with Let's Encrypt
  • Bandwidth: 15 Gb / month
  • Storage: 5 Gb / site
  • Price: $440 + taxes / year

Aegir is designed for organizations with Drupal websites who don't want to take care of security and module updates. Theses services also allows many sites to be hosted on the same platform, accessible through a control panel.

This systems provide a secure and automated system for hosting one or more websites. We administer one of the largest Aegir deployments, including hundreds of websites. You can expect the same level of quality that we provide ourselves, with an availability of close to 99.9%

  1. Security updates: We host Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 sites on a high-performance server, including security updates to the Drupal 7/8 core and a range of modules in our platform
    • Modules which are not in our shared platform are exempt from the updates
    • Major version upgrades of Drupal are excluded (e.g. Drupal 7.x -> Drupal 8.x). Contact us to get an estimation.
    • Sites are updated, but not tested. Report an update-related bug
  2. SSL Certificates provided free of charge through Let's Encrypt.
  3. Technical support: One hour per month of technical support is included in all our Aegir hosting options for problems related to the monthly updates
  4. Migration of a site towards Aegir: For each site migrated to Aegir, an estimate is made of the work needed to ensure compatibility with our platform (this analysis takes around 2 hours, it varies per site).
  5. Access to a control panel to easily run administrative tasks against your Drupal sites including creating and downloading full backups.
  6. General services of our shared hosting: 100 email accounts, CGI access, mailing lists, and DNS management.
  7. Access to site files through an SFTP account or by using a git repository.

Reliability, performance and quality

We use this service extensively ourselves to host a number of sites, including www.koumbit.org. As a result, you can expect the same level of quality that we ourselves demand.

Maintenance windows

Regularly scheduled maintenance windows for Drupal updates. See the updates calendar

Terms of Service

Read the Terms of Service.

Sites in Drupal 6 do not benefit from the same level of service. Contact-us for more details.

N.B.: This service is provided "as is", and no warranty is provided as regards its fitness for any particular purpose. Furthermore, with regards to performance, we commit only to "best efforts" based on the performance of our own sites maintained on this shared infrastructure. Running a Drupal site with many active modules will slow down your site!

More sites?

Do you have more than 3 sites? It's possible for us to host them all! Contact us to find out more.

Need more disk space?

We offer 5GB of extra disk space for $30/year + applicable taxes.

Other Services

SolR Cores

We offer hosting for SolR cores (3.6 or 6.x) for powering advanced searches on your sites.

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