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Solidarity Rates Program

Our Solidarity Rates Program grants a given percentage of rebate on consultation services (system administration and web development) to organisations promoting social justice in Québec and abroad. Each year, Koumbit offers Solidarity Rates to a few groups in need and with whom we share political values.

To apply for this program, please complete the survey below to provide us with a short description of your organisation (or project) and its needs, and attach it to your request for a quote.

Admissibility Criteria

  • The candidate must be a person, collective, not-for-profit, or other group whose principal aim is not the sale of a product or service and who does not have a large budget.
  • The candidate should be active in a collective or community projects fighting for social or environmental justice and/or offering services supporting their communities.

Evaluation Criteria

  • The financial needs of the candidate, and its sponsors or access to grants
  • Activities and mission in accordance with Koumbit's values
  • The candidate's scale of activities

How it Works

  • Candidates can apply to the program when a new contract (or the renewal of a previous contract) is being completed. Koumbit generally offers Solidarity Rates to a few organisations every year.
  • Solidarity rates apply to consultation services only; other services, such as hosting, are not included. See Solidarity Hosting for more information about our other solidarity service.


  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, the project supported by Solidarity Rates must display a message mentioning the solidarity support on your website. This message must reference koumbit.org and may also include our logo:
    • "This site [is maintained / was developed] in solidarity by Koumbit." OR
    • "Our [organization / group / project] receives solidarity system administration support from Koumbit."
  • The text must be readable, and the name "Koumbit" must be a link to koumbit.org. If possible, the name must be in Droid Serif Bold, orange #d34728. The solidarity rate will apply for the duration specified in the contract. If the client would like to renew their solidarity rate, they must submit a request (and complete the form) again when they set up a new contract (or renew and existing contract).


Please include your responses to the following questions with your request for a quote.

  1. Please explain the mission of your project and/or organization/group. How does it relate to Koumbit's values? Does it contribute to collective or community goals?
  2. Please explain the nature of your financial needs. What is your annual budget, and what is the budget allocated to this specific project?
  3. Is this project supported by a grant or subsidy?
  4. Does your organization or project have partners or sponsors? If that is the case, please list them below.
  5. Please share any other information that may be relevant in helping guide our decision to grant a rebate on your rate.

Note: We grant Solidarity Rates on a case by case basis. Solidarity Rates apply only to Web Consultation and System Administration Consultation services, and not to hosting or our other services. Rates are up for review after one year, or in the event of a future contract/project.

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