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Sustainable Development Performance Indicators (SDPI) Platform

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD)


The Sustainable Development Performance Indicators (SDPI) produced by UNRISD measure, in an authentic way, the sustainability performance of economic entities, including both for-profit enterprises and social and solidarity economy organizations. They assess impacts or performance against norms and thresholds that indicate a target consistent with the notion of sustainable development, as well as shed light on ignored or neglected issue areas within current measurement and reporting models. The indicators help users to gain information on genuine impacts or performance of their enterprises and organizations in socioeconomic, governance and environmental areas.

This SDPI Online Platform provides an easy-to-use tool to assess the progress of companies or organizations towards sustainability. It produces an automatically generated report that features trend analysis and allows users to assess impacts or performance in relation to sustainability norms and thresholds. The Platform provides a crucial means to gauge the extent of transformative change towards genuine sustainability.

The organisation's needs:

  • Create a website using a user-friendly content management system to allow the team to manage and update the platform and the information components (online manual, press review, etc.)
  • Implement a secure and easy to use platform to allow users to measure the performance of their organization in terms of sustainability.
  • Develop a visual identity for the platform by drawing inspiration from the UNRISD visual identity as well as other documents (reports, press releases) previously produced for the project.
  • Develop a tool that allows the generation of reports in PDF format using data collected in the online platform.
  • Empower the team to manage the website content autonomously.

Our proposal:

  • Create a website using WordPress as its content management system and implement a secure member area to allow users to create an account and provide data on their organisation.
  • Create a custom post type for indicators and implement data fields (using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin) to make it easier to manage content.
  • Use the premium version of the Formidable Forms plugin to create forms to collect data on the different indicators, and complete with custom code to display that data in tables and graphs; in parallel, allow the project administrators to extract data for statistical analysis and platform usage information.
  • Create custom code to manage particular cases (indicators that fetch data from an external API, indicators that require more complex mathematical operations, etc.).
  • In collaboration with Kakee, implement a visual identity specific to the platform to visually identify the different indicator areas and add visual indicators to measure data entry progress.
  • Create custom code for the mPDF PHP module to generate reports in PDF format for the various indicators, or a complete report of all the completed indicators filled (with an interactive table of contents).
  • Prepare documentation and run training workshops to empower the SDPI team to manage their website content autonomously.

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