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Development of a new website section for portraits of philanthropy



PhiLab is a Canadian Philanthropy Research Network based in downtown Montreal, on the campus of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Since its inception, the Network has been a place for partnership research, information sharing and knowledge mobilization on philanthropy and more specifically on Canadian foundations.

The organisation's needs:

  • Creation of a new website section to collect portraits of different people involved in the philanthropy community.
  • Implementation of a navigation and sorting interface (to find portraits according to sector, education, etc.) to facilitate navigation in this content
  • Adding a form to collect new submissions

Our proposal:

  • Create a custom content type in WordPress
    • Based on the WordPress setup already in place, we created a new type of custom content, categories to classify that content, and custom content fields.
    • Subsequently, we implemented a sorting and search system to find philanthropy portraits according to the different categories or via a keyword search.
  • Create a submission form
    • We set up a bilingual form to collect new portraits. After each submission, the form creates an entry in a database, which can then be retrieved by a Philab staff person to validate the content and add a new portrait to the website.
  • Provide accompaniment, documentation and training
    • The creation of this new section of the website was the result of a collaborative process between Philab and the web development team of Réseau Koumbit, in order to adapt the philanthropy portraits to the Philab website.
    • In order for the Philab team to be autonomous in adding and modifying the content of this new section, we prepared documentation and training on this new type of content.

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