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Koumbit is hiring a new member of our infrastructure team

Koumbit is looking for a new member on our infrastructure/sysadmin team, to work 15 hours per week, at a rate of $21.60 per hour. The position will be held from March 20th 2017.

Koumbit has been providing web, email, and server hosting in addition to web site consultation services since 2004. We maintain physical and virtual servers, hosting platforms, network infrastructure, and phone systems. Koumbit is based around openness and equality: workers are specialized in open source technology and are organized non-hierarchically.

The hiring process for this position will prioritize people who are socially excluded and marginalized from work in system administration, open source, and IT in general, particularly women and those who do not identify as men. We encourage applications from people who are trans, queer, not white, indigenous, disabled, or have precarious immigration status. If you face social discrimination for these reasons or others that you think we should take into account, let us know.

== Skills and training ==

Required skills::
* ability to work in a constructive manner in a non-hierarchical collective:
* demonstrated capacity listen to others, be open, empathic, and communicate non-violently
* awareness of systemic power (sexism, racism, etc) in interpersonal relations and group dynamics
* demonstrated judgment of what should and should not be brought up in meetings
* have a strong interest in non-hierarchical democratic structures
* to be capable of having your behaviours challenged
* to take the interests of the collective into account in your decisions
* share the values of the Koumbit network: self-management, openness, and solidarity. For more details, see: https://wiki.koumbit.net/PrincipesEtValeurs
* autonomy and a large capacity to learn new technologies and methods of working
* good time management and balancing of priorities
* having good commuication with your own work team, the rest of the collective, as well as with clients.
* capacity to communicate verbally and written in french and in english

* Most new members of the infrastructure team do not already have a lot of background in system administration, and we will provide on-the-job training for many tasks and skills.
* You should expect a lot of working collaboratively with team members, taking on new challenges, learning by doing tasks you have not done before, asking for help when you need it.

== Description of tasks ==
For your initial period of time at Koumbit, you can expect that much of your work will be be composed of the following tasks that require less access and knowledge of our systems.

=== Initial tasks ===
* level 1 support:
* Verify that the problems reported by workers and clients correspond to specific problems on the software they are using.
* Diagnosing current problems related to the unexpected behaviours of software
* Doing followup with clients and with those responsible for managing the services
* Helping clients with the processing of their requests
* respond to the support level 2 requests of co-workers and clients
* follow and make updates to a wide range of documentation
* participate in interventions at the data centre
* manage the servers and equipment of Koumbit, running principally with Debian GNU/Linux
* receive, clarify, and prioritize the requests of clients with the goal of solving the issues raised
* attend team meeting and worker assemblies

=== Full list of tasks ===
After you have been working at Koumbit for a longer period of time and have become more familiar with our systems, you would also become involved in the following tasks. Any prior experience in these areas is also very helpful.

System administration tasks::
* manage the creation of login accounts for users
* conduct maintenance operations and software updates
* respond to urgent notifications (to be "on call" at night, all alone, with servers that are exploding and frightened clients who are 6 times zones away)
* manage SSL certificates
* do maintenance and participate in the development of the AlternC control panel
* free software we use: Debian GNU/Linux, OpenSSH, Puppet, Ganeti, Xen, PHP, Apache, Varnish, MySQL, NFS, Postfix, Dovecot, Bash, OpenLDAP, AlternC, Git

Service management tasks::
* manage a multitude of services: web servers, emails, databases, web caching, serial console, PDU
* manage web applications like Aegir, Drupal, Wordpress and Alternc
* manage network services like dhcp, dns, nfs, voip, vlan, wifi
* document and plan improvements of these services
* diagnose performance problems with these services
* free software we use: Nagios, Munin, Bash, Charybdis, Asterisk, MoinMoin

Tasks for project management and client accounts::
* reevaluate the needs to the client based on the issues they raise
* write quotes, proposals, and do billing.
* free software we use: Redmine, RT, wiki

Participate in collective management::
* Sit on different committees (for example: legal, finance, HR)

== Additional knowledge assets ==

Knowledge sought::
* knowledge or interest in processes of democratic decision making in the organization of our work.
* knowledge of the basic protocoles of the internet (SMTP, HTTP, IMAP, IRC, SSL)
* basic knowlegde of programming (especially in shell scripts, python, perl, ruby or PHP)

Assets and knowledge to develop::
It is expected that the candidate will learn about these topics during their time at Koumbit:
* to be a member of Koumbit
* experience in system administration and IT support
* managment of various free software services
* management of network equipment like routers (FreeBSD), network switches (HP), serial console servers, and PDUs
* facilitating meetings, taking notes, and coordinating meetings
* configuration of PBX Asterisk
* management of Drupal and Aegir sites
* Recommended reading: [[https://www.abebooks.com/products/isbn/9780321492661|The Pratice of System and Network Administration (2nd Edition)]]

== Other details that you should know ==

* You are expected to be available at the office for at least half of your weekly hours.
* We expect that candidates adhere to the ethical code of sysadmins, and the Principles and Values of Koumbit.
* Koumbit provides workstations for use in our office, but having your own laptop for data center visits and client meetings would be helpful.
* Sadly, our office is not wheelchair accessible.
* Knowledge of french is necessary to operate within the collective.

If this position interests you, please send your CV and a cover letter by email to embauche@koumbit.org by Sunday March 5th at midnight. We thank everyone who takes the time to respond to this job ad, but we'll only contact people we select for an interview.

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